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  • President/CEO welcome video script

    Hello, I'm Brian Boon, President/CEO of CARF International. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our website. I'd also like to invite you to join us in our mission, which is to enhance the lives of persons served.

    For those of you who do not know CARF, let me tell you a little bit about what we do. CARF is an accreditor of health and human services all over the world. You can see our accreditation seal at more than 19,000 different sites on five different continents. CARF accredits, or certifies, organizations for meeting quality standards. When we develop these standards, we ask for consumer and expert input. CARF’s 1,400 peer review surveyors conduct on-site reviews, or surveys. These surveys assess an organization’s conformance and performance against established quality standards. A three-year accreditation is an excellent outcome for an organization. A lesser outcome means an organization has some work to do to receive a three-year accreditation seal.

    Whether you are a consumer looking for services, a provider seeking accreditation, or a payer or regulator who is responsible for quality of service delivery, CARF is your solution.

    For people who are looking for services, the task can be complex and chaotic. Our accredited organizations serve people of all ages with a multitude of service needs. CARF accreditation assures consumers and their families that the selected organization has appropriate staff and expertise to deliver the best care. Our website listing helps consumers find the right provider for their unique needs. 

    If you are a provider of service, I hope you select us as your accreditor of choice. Our consultative, value-based accreditation model differentiates us from other accreditors. In fact, a survey conducted by CARF’s research department examined the benefits of CARF accreditation. Ninety-eight percent of our customers told us that the accreditation survey process improved their business. Areas mentioned include expert consultation provided by our surveyors, focus on enhanced risk management, health and safety practices, and the desire to focus on continued quality improvement to ensure the best outcomes for persons served.

    Payers and regulators are also concerned about the quality of service delivered to persons in their community. The CARF seal provides them with expert oversight that may not be readily available in their organization. A timely accreditation survey provides a mechanism for public transparency and accountability for purchased services, often going beyond basic licensure requirements.

    Earlier I mentioned that our mission is to enhance the lives of persons served. To make this more meaningful, I would like to share an experience I had with an impressive young man by the name of Jared who lives in Tucson, Arizona. Jared was born premature with a multitude of cognitive challenges. Through community resources, and the help of his family, Jared was introduced to a CARF-accredited organization called the Beacon Group. Despite being told by outside evaluators that his challenges were too great to overcome, Jared was able to create a goal and, with the help of the Beacon Group, stay focused and succeed in his life plan – to transition from school to work. Jared is working full time, having graduated from high school. This is an example of a partnership in action that CARF has with its accredited organizations, and why our mission is so important – for persons like Jared and his family. Congratulations, Jared, on your success.

    Again, welcome to our website. I'd like to thank the many people who work on behalf of our mission, contributing to enhancing the lives of persons served.

    Thank you.

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